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It's been an exciting few weeks here on the boulevard. As we prepare to wrap up this quarter, here's what you need to know:

END OF QUARTER + REPORT CARDS: The First Quarter of our 22-23 School Year ends on October 3th. This means report cards and Academic Conferences will be on the way! Check-in with your young man to ensure he is doing everything he needs to in order to make his first academic record for the year a success.

All of our students have access to our grade management system, PowerSchool. Our Data Manager, Ms. Gaston is working tirelessly to get parents their own portal to view student grades, expect communication from her in the next week or so on this specifically. If you are curious in the meantime, your son should have the capability to show you the information he has via the student portal. Academic Conferences will be held on the evening of October 12th.

UNIFORMS - Beginning Monday, October 3rd, all students will be required to be in full Arthur School Uniform each day school is in session. We have been assured by our uniform vendor Skobel's in Metairie that they are in full stock of the White Arthur School button down shirt and tie. If you still have yet to purchase one, please do so immediately. In addition, all other AS Uniform requirements will be enforced in full. This includes, the black Eastland Plainview shoe, Slacks from Skobels (dickies or grey chinos will not be accepted,) school belt, and black socks. Students who are out of uniform upon arrival will receive a minus-three demerit.

GROOMING - Please ensure your son is well shaved before his arrival each day. Page 11 of the Student Handbook States "Young men should be clean shaven, with no beard, mustache, or any other facial hair stylings present." Students who come to school with visible facial hair will receive a minus-one demerit and may be required to shave at morning check in. For all other grooming requirements please reference the Student/Family Handbook, attached to this email.

IDs - Each student has been given an ID card. It is your young man's responsibility to wear his ID card every day he comes to school and keep it in good condition. In the event that your Airmen loses or damages his card, replacements are $5. Students who are not visibly wearing their ID will receive a minus-one demerit.

SCHOOL BAGS - We have noticed that many of our students arrive at school with opaque backpacks. Please be reminded that any bag a student brings to school must be made of material that is see-through (pg. 10 of the Student Handbook) Mesh or vinyl bags are best. Backpacks where the contents of which cannot be seen from the outside will not be allowed in the halls of The Delores Taylor Arthur School For Young Men. Students who bring a backpack made of solid opaque fabric/material will be asked to select the items they need for the school day and carry them until dismissal.

Remember families, this policy supports the safety of your son(s) and everyone working in the building to educate them. Please take this weekend to find or order an appropriate backpack for your son.

AIRMEN BASKETBALL - Airmen Basketball tryouts will take place on October 4th and 5th from 4:00 PM - 5:45 PM in the Arthur School Gymnasium. Athletes may wear their gym uniform or activewear. Students must wear sneakers and shorts in order to participate in tryouts. Email Coach Ross or for Middle School, Coach McGaughey for more information.

HOLIDAYS, OCTOBER 6 + 7 - Classes will not be in session October 6 and 7. On October 6th, our faculty will engage in quarterly professional development and October 7th is a school Holiday celebrating our namesake, Mrs. Arthur. Our Gentilly offices and classrooms will be closed.

LASTLY, Thank you so much, again, for your cooperation in doing what you can to ensure that your son has the best possible experience here at The Arthur School.

For those who have joined us just this month, Welcome! We are so excited to be educating your young men and take very seriously the task of leading them towards success in whichever arena they choose. You will find, as our other Airmen Families have, that The Arthur School is very different from the bevy of options for young people in Orleans Parish. It is our mission to prepare our young men to serve the communities in which they live each day they are in our care. We are humbled for the opportunity to include you and the young person in your life in that mission. Once again, Welcome!


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