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Network & Partnerships


For us, our school is not just about increasing student achievement but about disrupting processes and systems that are hurting people in this community and others.  While education is our work, we are fortunate to have a network of organizations that are doing great work across a number of fields. We encourage you to check out their work and find yourself inspired!



Civic Eagle

Civic engagement is all about, well, being engaged; it’s being aware of what your elected leaders are up to and holding them accountable; it’s going out and voting in the presidential election AND in your local city council race. It’s making sure your voice is heard and advocating for those that don’t have one." Organizations that engage in policy advocacy (from the NAACP, to corporations, to Chambers of Commerce) have low rates of success. Less than 20% of the time, an advocacy campaign actually results in the desired outcome. Our company, Civic Eagle, created a solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help organizations maximize the quality and outcomes of their policy advocacy campaigns.


Cognitive ToyBox

One third of children in the US start kindergarten unprepared in critical language and math skills. Cognitive ToyBox is developing an early childhood platform for kindergarten readiness. We develop touchscreen games that make it easier for teachers to do assessment and for children to learn foundational language and math skills.


Creative Reaction Lab

Creative Reaction Lab is training Black and Latinx youth to design healthy and racially equitable communities. To create systems-wide change, we'e taking two approaches: 1) pioneering an equity-centered form of creative problem solving, and 2) creating a collaborative youth-led, community-centered movement challenging racial inequities in the education, media, health, and government sectors.



Forefront (formerly Project 99) delivers a data-driven curriculum leveraging empathy and design thinking to help companies engage and retain their millennials of color. Millennials of color are 3x more likely to quit their jobs. This high turnover is due to "unfair treatment" from micro-aggressions to outright discrimination that is widespread in Corporate America. This "millennial drop-out rate" costs companies $30.5B a year. That's why, we develop leadership programs for companies to better engage and retain their diverse talent.


I Dream Academy DC

I Dream Academy DC is debunking the biased belief that children in public schools in low-income communities must master basic skills and learn how to behave before they are allowed to think, create, and innovate. Inspired by Google's 20% Time, where employees spend 20% of their work time exploring ideas of interest, IDA DC learners have Dream Time each week to explore their curiosities and passions to spark creativity and engagement in deep learning. We collaborate with communities to customize purposeful, self-directed learning opportunities for children whose brilliance has been historically undervalued.



Our immigrant community must be at the forefront of change in achieving education equity for all students and families. The vision of ImmSchools is to lift the voices of immigrant students and families in order to transform our K-12 education system. Through policy action, professional development, and community efforts, we seek to create inclusive, safe and welcoming schools that allow immigrant students to reach their fullest potential. We will work to close the gap between immigration and education in order to build equitable systems for undocumented students and parents in our public schools.



madeBOS (made by own self) is an AI driven, career pathing platform that empowers employees of entry-level jobs, to drive their own career development. madeBOS delivers a configurable and customizable solution to address retail's short and long-term talent strategic goals and leverages Machine Learning to curate attainable career paths increasing diversity, engagement, retention and performance.



Raheem AI democratizes community policing.The Obama Foundation and Google-backed company is building a national community reporting system in all 50 states by 2020 to increase police transparency, accountability, and build a world free of police violence. Raheem is a bot that supports you through rating and reporting your interactions with police — good and bad. Data is shared in real-time to an online public dashboard, creating a feedback loop and comprehensive data source to help cities identify where policing works well and where it can improve.


Social Justice School

The Social Justice School celebrates and supports the development of diverse identities. In this middle school, students have choice in what they learn, when they learn, and how they learn. They are equity-centered designers who tackle real world problems by engaging in relevant project-based learning. Students become change makers in their communities, school, and the world.


Science with Sophie

Science With Sophie is an interactive science comedy series inviting viewers to explore science all around them and remember they are brave, curious, funny, smart scientists every day. With an all-female writing team and cutting-edge teaching pedagogy like the Next Generation Science Standards, the show combats inequity in STEM fields and underrepresentation of women in mainstream science media.



Quartolio is an intelligent knowledge management platform that accelerates research by connecting the dots across scientific data and documents. With AI, Quartolio analyze millions of Open Access articles and datasets, connects the dots, aggregates it all in a single web platform, and personalizes scientific research by curating to each researcher's needs. Our business model is B2B KaaS.


Visions Performing Arts Company

Visions Performing Arts Company strives to preserve, maintain, and support the tradition of African and Latino American performing arts through education. Hosting performances, instruction, mentorships, education, and outreach, VPAC will use the stage to bridge gaps and show that there is no difference in the human experience. With a huge amount of support from the community for 13 years VPAC has been an after-school and elective performing arts program dedicated to preserving African and Latino American performing arts through education. Using the arts to empower identity in student performers and provide access to quality training and performances by instructors and mentors who look like them is our foundation. In response to years of community requests, VPAC is beginning the journey to opening its first school that will empower students, upon graduation, to pursue a career in entertainment and/or go to a great college. 


We are excited that a number of organizations across the nation have decided to partner with us in our effort to bring an innovative educational experience to the young men of New Orleans.  If your organization wants to be a part of this effort please email Byron Arthur,  See below for our current list of partners:


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