Leadership Team


President  |  CEO

Byron Arthur will serve as the President/CEO of The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men.  He is the architect of the mission and vision of the school.  He brings to the position experiences in strong schools - Jesuit High School, The Stuart Hall School for Boys, and Holy Cross School all institutions where academic and personal excellence are part of the culture and rich traditions have allowed successful men to be produced across multiple generations.  The Board believes that he will bring that same commitment of excellence to The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men.  His resume includes teaching experiences at Harvard University, Stanford University, Northwestern University, the University of California - Los Angeles, and American University where summer programs allowed him to teach young people from virtually every state in the union as well as the People’s Republic of China, Japan, the Republic of China, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, France, and South Korea.  We believe that these experiences give him a unique view of high school students in other parts of the world and the ability to lead the implementation of a curriculum that will allow our students to be competitive with their international peers.  His career as a Hall of Fame coach of debating has allowed him to develop relationships across the United States that he will be able to leverage in growing The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men.

Outside of education, Byron is a practicing trial attorney and it is the belief of the Board of Trustees that this background will aid the leadership in its ability to make decisions that will not expose the school to liability.  His career as a corporate communications professional, specifically as the Press Secretary/Communications Director at the Louisiana Department of Revenue demonstrated to us that he will be an effective and skilled messenger for The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men.  His time as Director of Debating at Holy Cross School has given him an opportunity to raise monies to sustain a nationally competitive program which he has done by leveraging existing relationships and establishing new ones.

To further expand his capacity to serve as the President/CEO, Arthur was named a Camelback Fellow by Camelback Ventures, Inc.  After an application process that included 530 men and women he joined 12 other entrepreneurs who received one-one coaching and group instruction in critical competency areas such as stakeholder engagement, public relations and marketing, hiring and human resources, raising capital, and design thinking. 

Currently, he is part of the New School Creation Fellowship offered by the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, a two-year program that guides individuals and teams in designing schools that educate traditionally underserved student populations with an eye toward equity. 


Academic Director

Franklin brings 17 years of school experience to The Arthur School. This leader has held positions as Classroom Teacher, Behavior Interventionist, Director of Operations and Dean of Students. He has served as an Assistant Principal at a local charter school where he was part of helping that school to see significant growth in student performance.

Franklin was the founder and leader of The Helping Hands 2 Mentoring program for young males. Its mission is to teach academic performance and behavior of youths in the schools by introducing role models who provide positive examples of being productive citizens. The program was implemented in three parishes and serviced 120 young males throughout those parishes.

When Tulane University decided to revive its Education Program, leaders called upon Franklin to be part of the Design Board. He also designed and taught a Culture Relevance course during that time.

It was important to us that we bring in leadership with roots in New Orleans who understand the opportunities that exist when educating our young men. While of course we were impressed with his Master’s Degree in Education as well as his completion of a program in Executive Leadership, his daily approach to leadership was most compelling. Those who have worked with him describe his boundless energy and work ethic. Families of students in his care describe him as a professional, accessible and caring problem solver.


Special Education Coordinator

Marie Roth brings 15 years of educational experience to The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men. She has extensive experience in both general education and special education. She has served in leadership roles such as Instructional Leader, Teacher Mentor, and Special Education Coordinator. Ms. Roth has dedicated her career to working with public school students in the city of New Orleans and along the MS Gulf Coast. 


Passionate about seeing our Airmen take flight, Ms. Roth has been a fervent advocate for creating extensive individualized educational plans that provide a complete picture of our young men with learning exceptionalities. During our inaugural year, she has been a catalyst in creating a Student Assistance Team to better identify our students at risk of struggling both academically and behaviorally. She has also collaborated with other members of our leadership team and faculty to institute a positive behavior intervention system to mitigate negative behaviors and celebrate student successes both small and large. 


Ms. Roth was selected as the University of Southern Mississippi’s top graduate student for the School of Education and Human Sciences upon completion of her masters in Educational Administration and Supervision. She has also had the honor of being selected by her alma mater to mentor teacher candidates in the final stage of their educational program. She continues to use her mentoring experience to enrich her team’s knowledge of classroom strategies to help make excellence possible for learners all along the academic spectrum. 


Because she believes our Airmen deserve the very best, she is committed to being a lifelong learner in  order to both fine-tune her craft and make data-driven decisions to help our young men realize their potential and take flight.

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Special Advisor for Academic Affairs

Dr. Joseph H. Murry, Jr. has always loved the energy of being in a school.  He worked as an assistant coach in football, Head Tennis and Soccer Coach, and the Athletic Director at Abramson High School, before being promoted to Principal of the New Orleans school. His hard work, innovation, and results-oriented approach was recognized earning  him Area II Principal of the Year (1997-98) of Orleans Public Schools as well as High School Principal of the Year for Orleans Parish (2001-02).


Dr. Murry would next serve as principal of Holy Cross School in New Orleans . He was a leader in the re-building process of the school following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He and a team of educators not only rebuilt the physical plant of the school, but who added successful Advanced Placement programs and a rigorous and challenging curriculum that saw significant gains in ACT scores, AP attainment, and TOPS eligibility.  Because of his support in creating and rebuilding successful academic programs, Dr. Murry was named the 2015  National Principal of the Year by the National Speech and Debate Association.  Dr. Murry is a graduate of St. Aloysius High School, New Orleans, earned his B.A. from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (presently ULL), a Masters from Southeastern Louisiana University, and his PhD from the University of New Orleans.

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Finance and Operations Manager

Cynthia Bridges enjoyed a long and distinguished career at the Louisiana Department of Revenue holding numerous positions from working in the Audit Group at the start of her career to leading the Department as Secretary under the Honorable Mike Foster, the Honorable Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, and the Honorable Bobby Jindal.  During her time as Secretary, Bridges worked quickly to overhaul the tax collection system.  Leading a diverse team within the Department and an outside vendor, the task was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  This outstanding work quickly put Louisiana at the forefront of tax administration and routinely gave guidance to a number of states and even a few nation-states as to how to implement such sweeping change with such efficiency.  Her focus has always been on how to continuously improve the process with the end of making it easier for the customer.

In her capacity as Chief Executive Officer (Secretary, Cabinet Level) of the Louisiana Department of Revenue, Bridges directed the administration of the agency, which encompassed three programs, over 800 employees, and an annual budget that ranged from $65 - $97 million.  The agency’s primary program collected $5 - $9 billion annually in tax receipts, exceeding the State’s annual budget forecast by approximately 6% and supplying over 80% of the State’s General Fund revenues.  The organization operated within budget as appropriated by the Legislature and executed appropriate actions to accommodate budget reductions, which encompassed staff reductions and operational adjustments, all while improving services.