As we prepare to welcome our first class in August of 2021, we will look to fill a few positions that will begin work in September 2020 as part of the planning process. Please check this page for any openings that might interest you.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is currently seeking:


Special Education Coordinator 

Reports to: President/CEO

Ensures Academic Progress

  • Advocates for special education students and staff

  • Oversees delivery of both instruction and related services as stipulated on individualized education programs (IEPs) to ensure an integrated service delivery system

  • Collaborates with school leaders to develop and implement a schoolwide special education adequate yearly progress (AYP) plan

  • Develops and implements a special-education-specific performance management tracking system

  • Serves as a link between school leader and special education teachers/case managers

  • Monitors service delivery in inclusion classes and resource settings

  • Reviews all IEPs to ensure that they are based on quantitative present levels of performance, curriculum standards, and content and that they are relevant for individual student

  • Stays abreast of best practices

  • Recommends strategies to enhance special education performance on standardized tests

  • Ensures cooperative relationships with general education staff

Supports IEP Process

  • Promotes positive parent relationships and intercedes in complex cases

  • Monitors teacher/case manager notifications to parents

  • Collaborates with contract evaluators to ensure timely receipt of reports

  • Takes comprehensive meeting notes at initial IEP meetings and monitors notes taken by teacher/case managers, records dissenting opinions, and follows eligibility criteria and guidelines

Drives Compliance

  • Ensures that special education staff abide by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and state and local special education regulations

  • Ensures that special education teachers maintain compliance and monitors academic tracking system

  • Oversees the compliance of special education files

  • Coordinates staff development/training in collaboration with school leaders

  • Maintains shared schoolwide calendar of annual. Triennial review. 30-day review, and initial eligibility/IEP meetings to monitor timeline compliance

  • Provides monthly reports to school leaders


1.     Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution

2.     LA Certification in Special Education or related field

3.     Experience as a Special Education Teacher or related specialist, five years preferred

4.     Experience designing implementing and monitoring behavioral interventions

5.     Experience designing, implementing, and monitoring IEP’s.

6.     Experience managing/supporting other special education teachers

7.     Experience training and developing general education staff in supporting students with exceptionalities


Requires detailed understanding of Special Education rules and regulations on both state and federal levels; IEP/Special Education management systems; School RTI academic, attendance, and behavior models, data systems, and intervention programs; and positive behavioral interventions.


Requires excellent attention to detail and follow through to meet Special Education timelines and requirements; ability to maintain confidentiality and exhibit professionalism in working to support student, staff, and family needs; and ability to provide input into budget development working with the President/CEO and Director of Finance and Operations to programming and corresponding financial plans that meet the needs of students in the least restrictive environment.

To Apply:

Please send letters of interest and a resume to humanresources@thearthurschool.com


No positions currently posted.

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