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We're back! Thank you all for your flexibility over our last few virtual days. We are very happy to have resumed in-person learning. Here's what you need to know for this week:

LEAP TESTING CONTINUES: We will resume LEAP Testing beginning tomorrow Wednesday, May 4th through Thursday, May 5th. During the next two days, students will complete the Algebra I component of our state's standardized test for 9th grade. Testing will take place in the morning. After lunch, students will revert to their regularly scheduled rotation. Students will be allowed to wear their Arthur School polos on these days as well.

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: This week, The Arthur School is taking extra care to send a little love to our teachers! Please encourage your son to write a note or make a gesture of appreciation towards their teachers as they do so much for them!

An Airmen mom says this:

"I'm a fellow AirMom. As some of you may know, [this] week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I know that when our young men were babies, we were sent out a list of items to send in daily. Well, we now have Young Men who are being taught valuable life lessons as well as being given an extraordinary academic experience. I would love it if we showed our thanks and appreciation to the men and women who are an integral part of our young men's journey into greatness! A little personal disclosure here, my son was struggling in 8th grade. He was in danger of retention and I had no clue what to do. Then we found The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men. Our lives have been forever changed. Jordan loves to come to school. He speaks of Mrs. Oelking and her passion for English and how she pushes him to write. He speaks so intently about his time with Mr. Shields. These are just a few of the reasons that I am grateful for our teachers."

Our teaching staff includes:

Mr. Daniel Garrison (History)

Ms. Karnessia Georgetown (Algebra)

Mr. Karl Hymel (Music)

Mr. Kenneth LaFrance (Algebra)

Ms. Jamie Oelking (English)

Mr. Jharick Shields (Speech)

Mr. Jeffery-David Swift (Student Services)

Ms. Roth (Seminar/Student Services)

Mr. Franklin (PE)

PORTRAIT DAYS: Last week, I informed you all that we would begin Portrait Days throughout this week for the 21-22 Airmen Yearbook. We will begin this week however, due to the in-person learning missed/LEAP testing, these days will likely bleed into next week as well. Please make sure your young man looks his best everyday but especially over the next few weeks.

FIELD TRIP: Speaking of looking his best, our young men will be taken on an Airmen Excursion next Thursday, May 12th to the 24th Judicial District Court. This field trip is in support of our student's ongoing project concerning crime in the Metropolitan Area of New Orleans. Students will need to be dressed in full uniform (including their school tie and belt) in order to take the trip, no excuses. Students will depart from our Gentilly Campus at 8:00 AM and return at 2:00 PM. Lunch will be provided. There is no cost associated with this trip. The permission slips will be due this Friday.

This is all I have for you today. Thank you for all that you do to support our young men.

Have a great week!


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