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We hope everyone had a safe and joyful start to carnival season! Here at The Arthur School we are celebrating our uniquely New Orleans tradition all week long before Mardi Gras Break begins! This email has lots of info, so read it carefully! Here's what you need to know:

STUDENT ASSISTANCE TEAM: Our rep from Ochsner is coming on Wednesday to conduct vision/hearing screenings for some of our students who have been identified as needing interventions to be successful. Permission forms were sent home on 2/17. They have not yet been signed and returned. If we don't have these signed forms by tomorrow, 2/22, your child will not be screened.


On Wednesday, Feb. 23 we are inviting Parents and Guardians to campus to observe the induction ceremony for our student leaders! Five students have been elected by their peers to serve as an Arthur School House Prefect! At The Arthur School, Prefects are leaders of thought, activity, and spirit.* In addition, we will also be inducting our Magnus Praefectus, or The Great Prefect at this time. This student will serve as Head of State for Arthur School Students and serve as Chairman of the Airmen Prefect Council- our student leadership body. This short ceremony will take place at 8:00 AM in the Arthur School Gymnasium during our Airmen Assembly/House Period. After which, we will serve king cake for those parents who attended! Students will also be served King Cake during their lunch period on this day!

Congratulations to our Arthur School Prefect-Elects!

Baldwin - Vincent Leto

Fitzgerald - Chaz Gardner

Russell - Daniel Ingram

Lindsey - Elijah Lopez

Wilkins - Deron Isaac

Magnus Praefectus - Dwayne Powell

COSTUME CONTEST: Continuing our celebration, on Thursday we will have a Mardi Gras Costume contest! We are asking our students to get festive by wearing a Mardi Gras themed costume! This could be anything from your interpretation of a Mardi Gras Indian, a Walking Krewe costume, or just a festive parade goer; anything that captures the spirit of "Laissez le bon temps rouler!" is welcome. Students not participating will be expected to be in full uniform. The first place-winning Mardi Gras costume (as judged by our school community) will win an Airmen water bottle, an Airmen drawstring backpack, a mystery gift card, and 4 tickets to a Pelicans Game!

HALF-DAY; PURPLE, GREEN & GOLD DRESS: On Friday, Feb 25 we will run a half day schedule. This means students will be dismissed after lunch at 12:15! (Bus service will be provided.) This is to ensure everyone makes it to their desired locations before the traffic and excitement begins for the weekend. We do encourage you to send your son to school even though it's a half day! He will still be marked absent if he is not in attendance! This will be a fun day for our school community and a chance for our Airmen to bond with one another and safely kick off their holiday! Students will be permitted to dress down, so long as they are wearing the colors PURPLE, GREEN &/O GOLD!


As we begin reclaiming one of the many traditions lost since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remind you to be safe and mindful during this next week. If you are planning to allow your Airmen to go to parades without adult supervision, make sure you speak with your teen about the importance of celebrating smart! Our students are still representing The Arthur School when they are off campus. Make sure they have a plan to stay safe while at the parades and have a way to get to and from parade routes safely. We need each and every student back when classes resume on March 7th.

Once we return, we will be ending Q3 and preparing for our final quarter of instruction for this school year. This means report cards will be created and sent to home with students. You all will get a copy sent directly to your email as well! On March 25th, we will host our Spring Parent-Teacher conferences! This will be your opportunity to speak directly with your son's teachers and discuss their academic progress.

COVID-19: Of the 10 Faculty members, 27 Students, and 1 Parent tested, we are pleased to report that 0 positive tests were returned. Thank you to all of those who participate weekly!

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you've made it to the end of the email, congratulations! You've earned some King Cake! Yes, that was a lot of information but we want to make this week special for our young men! This is a great opportunity to inject some fun into our typically rigorous school day schedule. So please, even if you're not used to celebrating, lean in! We'd love to see as much participation in these events as possible! This should be a very exciting week for our students! If you have any questions, as always feel free to call me or reply to this communication.

That is all I have for you this week, we hope to see you on Wednesday for the induction and we hope you all have a great Mardi Gras!


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