Academic Director Announced

We are pleased to announce that Demetrius Franklin will be part of the Leadership Team at The Delores Taylor Arthur School for Young Men. Franklin will hold the title of Academic Director.

Franklin brings 17 years of school experience to The Arthur School. This leader has held positions as Classroom Teacher, Behavior Interventionist, Director of Operations and Dean of Students. He currently serves as an Assistant Principal at a local charter school where he has been part of helping that school to see significant growth in student performance.

Franklin was the founder and leader of The Helping Hands 2 Mentoring program for young males. Its mission is to teach academic performance and behavior of youths in the schools by introducing role models who provide positive examples of being productive citizens. The program was implemented in three parishes and serviced 120 young males throughout those parishes.

When Tulane University decided to revive its Education Program, leaders called upon Franklin to be part of the Design Board. He also designed and taught a Culture Relevance course during that time.